Department of Business Studies


Here you can find the answer to some of the most common questions, both from students and prospective students. 


Do you have admission on your Master's Programmes on both spring and autumn semester?
Our Master's Programmes only admitt student for the autumn semester.

I would like to apply to one of your Master's Programme - can you tell me if I fulfill the requirements?
When you apply for the Programme the Admissions Office will handle your application and make sure you fulfill the requirements. We at the Department don't have the possibility to give you a pre-evaluation of your merits. 

What were the selection criteria for the Master’s Programmes?
Depending om what Programme you are applying to, and what application round - the international or the national round, the selection criteria varies. You can read more about it on on each Programmes site.

My application says that I don't fulfill the requirements - who should I contact?
It is the Admissions Office at Uppsala University that handles the admission.

I am admitted with condition - what does that mean and how do I register?
Being admitted with condition means that you are admitted if you can fulfill the requirements for the Programme. You register in two steps

  • Step 1: E-mailing stating that you intend to register on the Programme.
  • Step 2: E-mailing your Transcript showing that you fulfill the eligibility.

I am admitted without any condition – How do I proceed with registration?
You register yourself by creating a university account. After that is done you register on your courses.

I'm on the waiting list - when will I know if I get admitted or not?
If we can admitt students from the waiting list or not will be posted on our website after the deadline for registration has pased. If you can be offered a spot you will be contacted through e-mail. We use the e-mail address that you state on

I'm on the waiting list - can I get a spot on the Programme if someone drops out during the semester?
No, we always admitt more students than we want since we know that some will drop out during the semester. Therefore the spots are not replaced. 

I forgot to register on time - can I do it anyway?
If you don't register on time you've lost your spot.

Is your Master Programme open for late application?
After the application deadline all Programmes close. Those Programmes where a student might be able to be admitted, open for late application in July. At you can see what is open for late application. It is not possible to apply straight to the Department.

I've made a late application - when will I find out if I can get a spot or not?
If the admission is still going on or if a Programme is full is posted on our website. If we can offer a spot to those who have made a late application, you will be notified via e-mail.

I don't want to continue on the Programme - can you de-register me?
De-registration can be made until three weeks after the start of the semester. After that it is only possible to make a Study break. You contact the Student Concellor for more information.

Master Programme

Do I need a Degree to be able to apply for your Master's Programme?
You don't have to be awarded your Degree when you apply, but you need to be able to show us the Degree in order to be able to be registered on the Programme. If you can't show us your Degree certificate when the semester starts, you cannot start the Programme.

I want to do an Internship - does the Department provide me with one?
Students on one of our two-year Master's Programme applies for an Internship spot themselves. You find more information on our site about Internship

Is it possible to study your Master's Programme in just one year?
No. There are requirements within the Programmes that needs to be fulfilled before you can write your Master's Thesis. 

Can I take a break from the Programme?
Yes, it is possible to take a Study Break of one year. 


How do I apply for my Degree?
Once you have finished all the courses that you need in order to apply for a Degree, you apply for it at the Degree Office at Uppsala University.


I need a Study Transcript - how do I get one?
You prit it yourself from Studentportalen. If you don't have access or need a signed copy, just contact or come by our Student Serivce Office.

How many spots do you have on your Programmes?
This varies between each admission.

Where can I find the schedule, litterature and syllabus?
You find all of this in Studentportalen.

How do I get in contact with the Student Concellor?
We have office hours and telephone hours and are also available through e-mail. Don't hesitate to contact us with your question.