Information to students already enrolled in a Master Programme

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This page is intended for those already enrolled in one of our Master Programmes. If you are not already a student you can find information about our Master Programmes and how to apply on our education page. If you have any questions please contact our Student Concellor.

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Applying for courses within the master programmes

All students have to apply for courses every semester, this includes everyone admitted to any of our Master Programmes. Application is made on 

  • 15 March and 15 April for the autumn semester
  • 15 September and 15 October for the spring semester.

Application within the Master Programmes

Requirements within the Master Programmes

For the second semester on the Master Programme in Entrepreneurship, and the third and fourth semester on the Master Programmes in Business and Management, and Accounting and Financial Management, there are requirements that needs to be fulfilled.

‚ÄčEligibility requirements one-year Programmes

To be eligible to the second semester and write the Master's Thesis 15 credits, you must have achieved at least 15 credits within the Programme before the start of the semester. 

Eligibility requirements two-years Programmes

If you do an Internship during the third semester you must fulfill the requirement of passing 30 credits within the Programme. If you apply for elective courses you must make sure you fulfill the requirement of the course. 

To be eligible to the forth semester and write the Master's Thesis 30 credits, you must have achieved at least 45 credits within the Programme before the start of the semester.

Third semester

During the third semester you have the opportunity to study abroad, do an Internship or read optional courses. The Internship gives you the opportunity to test the knowledge you have recieved during your Programme studies in a real workplace. You can also choose to study abroad at one of our Partner Universities around the world. If you apply for optional courses at Uppsala University you need to remember that you are not guaranteed a place. As these courses may be very popular it is important that you give more than one choice. When selecting students priority is given according to the number of credits taken during earlier semesters on the Master Programme at Uppsala University.

Study abroad
Optional courses at Uppsala University

Study Break or Interruption of Studies

From the second semester on our Master Programmes an onward it is possible to apply for a Study break. If you no longer want to study on the Programme you should interrupt your studies. If you want to drop-out of the two-year Programme to take a Master of Science in Business and Economics 60 credits, you need to hand in a request of Interruption of studies.

More information about Study Break or Interruption of Studies

Degree Requirements

If you study at one of our 1 year or 2 year Master Programmes you will either get a Master's Degree of 120 credits or a Master's Degree of 60 credits. In order to apply for your degree you need to fulfill the requirements. Courses used in the Master's Degree cannot already be included in the underlying first cycle degree (i.e Bachelor's).

Master’s degree of 60 credits

  • 30 credits second cycle, including 15 credit Master thesis, within the main field of study
  • 15 credits second cycle
  • 15 credits first or second cycle

Master’s degree of 120 credits

  • 60 credits second cycle, including 30 credit Master thesis, within the main field of study
  • 30 credits second cycle
  • 30 credits first or second cycle