Registration Master Programme Spring 2019

Office hours at the begining of semester

If admitted to courses within your master Programme you must accept and register in order to keep your spot on the courses.

First notification of selection – Accept

11 -17 December on or

You need to accept your place on the courses. You can find more information on how to proceed in the first letter of Admission and on or

Second notification of selection – Register

20 December – 14 January on the Studentportal or to

You need to register on the courses in order not to lose your spot. If you fail to register on time you will not be allowed to take the course. Registration for those who are admitted without condition is done through Studentportalen.

If you are admitted with condition you register in two steps:

  1. Send an e-mail to stating that you intend to register on the course no later than 14 January.
  2. Send an e-mail to with a certificate showing that you fulfill the eligibility no later than 08:00 21 January.

Eligibility requirements

  • Master Programme in Entrepreneurship 2nd semester
    Registered on 30 credits and passed 15 credits within the Programme
  • Master Programme in Business and Management 2nd semester
    No eligibility requirements
  • Master Programme in Accounting and Financial Management 2nd semester
    No eligibility requirements
  • Master’s Thesis 15 credits (2FE622)
    Passed 7,5 credits within the Programme
  • Master’s Thesis 30 credits (2FE840)
    Passed 45 credits within the Programme
  • Master’s Thesis 30 credits, MKIT (2FE880)
    Passed 60 credits within the Programme

Tuition fee

If you are required to pay tuition fee please note that the fee must be paid before you will be allowed to register on the course or courses. More information regarding tuition fees and payments can be found on the University site about Fees.