Department of Business Studies

Study abroad

Do you want to experience more of the world? Do you want to widen your international experience?

We at the Department of Business Studies have exchange agreements with around 40 universities in 20 different countries around the world.

Who can apply?

Students currently enrolled in the Master Programme in Business and Management or the Master Programme in Accounting and Financial Management at Uppsala University who want to study abroad during their third semester are eligible to apply.

Uppsala University's International Office also has exchange agreements that are available for application, but their application period and selection criteria differ.

Partner universities

We have collaborations with around 40 different universities in about 20 countries around the world. You can apply for an exchange place with the Department of Business Studies if you are admitted to any of our two year Master Programmes. Note that not all universities are open for application in all application rounds.

We offer exchange places in Europe, Asia and North America. Our partner universities are mainly Business Schools and we therefore assume that you will be studying Business Studies during your exchange. If it is possible you can however take courses in a related subject.

How to apply

Students at the Masters level can only go on an exchange during their third semester, during the autumn. The application round is January-February. The available exchange places varies from semester to semester and not all universities are open for application during all application rounds.

Application process for Master students

Offered placement

The results of the selection process will be posted after the application period has closed together with instructions on how to accept or decline the offer. If you accept your placement you will be asked to sign an exchange agreement. Please note that the agreement is binding and as you will be registered for an exchange you will not be accepted to courses at Uppsala University during this term. We will then nominate you to the Partner University and following the nomination you will handle the contact yourself directly with the Partner University.

Offered placement

Pre-evaluation of courses

If you are going on an exchange it is important that you apply for pre-evaluations of the courses you intend on taking. We assess if the course is Business Studies, the level of the course and if it overlaps anything you have studied on your Master Programme.

When you have selected your courses you should send in a request for pre-evaluation. Do not send in the request until you know what courses you want to take. You should not send in the request until earliest two to three weeks before the final decision has to be made witht the Partner University.

Pre-evaluation is only for students admitted to an exchange, not for prospective students. All questions regarding trasfering of credits are handled by the Graduation Office.

Apply for pre-evaluation

The following informations should be e-mailed to

  • Name and personal number.
  • Exchange university and study period.
  • Name of course, course code and syllabus as a pdf or link to each course description.
  • Course selection process including dates and ad and drop week.

After the exchange

In order to finish your exchange you need to write a travel report, transfer your credits and apply for CSN.

After the exchange

Contact The International Mobility Office

Office hours: Mon, Tues, Thur 10-12, Wed 12.30-14.30
Address: Kyrkogårdsgatan 10, Entrance C, 751 20 Uppsala, Sweden

Telephone: +46(0)18-471 1407 (EU/EES), +46(0)18-471 6801 (outside the EU)