Department of Business Studies



If you are interest in the experiences of our former students as they entered the job market you can read our Master alumni survey 

Applying for a job

  • You can receive help and advice from the Study Counsellors Office in regards to writing your CV, applying for a position, and preparation before an interview.
  • Uppsala University has a Career Gate aimed at helping students with advice regarding part- and fulltime jobs as well as internships. 
  • The student union, Uppsalaekonomerna, offers a job center service on their webpage
  • At the Employment Service Agency “Arbetsförmedlingen” you can find available positions as well as advice in regards to how to apply for a job.

Career prospects

The career prospects for graduates with a degree in Business Studies are deemed good. The overall strong domestic economy contributes to business graduates being highly sought after in the Swedish labour market. Arbetsförmedlingen has predicted that the labour market concerning the group Administration, economy and law is overall in balance.


Demand for labour: Public sector
Balance: Sales and marketing
Excess supply of labour: Banks


Demand for: Accounting, Auditing, Analyst and Administrative official, Controller, Account manager, Purchases and procurers officials
Balance: Tax officials, Financial and investment advisors, Personnel and salary administrator, Personnel and HR administrator, Organisational developer, Advertising and marketing official.
Excess of: Bank officials


  • Bank official: Much competition, negative trend
  • Controller: Some competition, negative trend
  • Financial advisor: Balance, positive trend
  • Account manager: Some competition, positive trend
  • Organisational developer: Balance, negative trend
  • Personnel and salary administrator: Balance, balance trend
  • Advertising and marketing official: Balance, positive trend
  • Personnel and HR administrator: Balance, positive trend
  • Accountant: Some competition: negative trend
  • Auditor: Some competition: negative trend
  • Analyst and Administrative Officer: Some competition, positive trend

Other academic fields suitable for combining with Business Studies

  • IT
  • Technical subjects
  • Law
  • Languages
  • Behavioral science