Study break or Interruption of studies

Study break

From the second semester of the Master's Programme an onward it is possible to apply for a study break. This means that the student keeps his/her place in the Programme. As the education follows a fixed study route, it is only possible to apply for one study break of two semesters. You resume your studies after a study break by applying to courses following semester after your study break.

Hand in your application to the Student Councellor no later than three weeks from the beginning of the semester. After three weeks into the actual semester a study break cannot be granted.

All those who apply for a study break will receive a confirmation if the application has been granted or denied.

Interruption of studies

If you apply for interruption of studies you will give up your place in the Programme completely. This means that you will no longer be able to study the courses within the Programme and in order to complete your Master's Degree you will have to apply to the Programme again in competition with all other applicants.

Finish with a one-year Master

If you want to exit the two-year Programme and finish with a Master of Science in Business and Economics 60 credits you need to hand in an application. In order to get a one-year master degree, you notify the Student Councellor by submitting an “Interruption of Studies” no later than 15 October. For “Reason” you write one-year Master.


Application for study break/interruption of studies