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Senaste publikationer

  • Arora-Jonsson, Stefan; Brunsson, Nils; Hasse, Raimund

    A new understanding of competition

    Ingår i Competition: What It Is and Why It Happens, s. 1-26, 2021.

  • Alimadadi, Siavash; Davies, Andrew; Tell, Fredrik

    A palace fit for the future: Desirability in temporal work

    Ingår i Strategic Organization, 2021.

    Open access
  • Khalaim, Oleksandra; Tambovceva, Tatjana; Eiríksdóttir, Lovísa; Urenje, Shepherd

    Change Project Approach for Reorienting University Teaching Towards the Implementation of Sustainability Principles

    Ingår i Universities, Sustainability and Society, s. 253-273, 2021.

  • Helin, Jenny

    Changing Writing/Writing for change

    Ingår i Gender, Work and Organization, s. 449-455, 2021.

  • Haq, Muhibul; Johanson, Martin; Davies, Julie; Dana, Leo-Paul et al.

    Compassionate Customer Service in Ethnic Minority Microbusinesses

    Ingår i Journal of Business Research, s. 279-290, 2021.

  • Brunsson, Karin; Rahnert, Katharina

    Competition and auditing: esteemed but incompatible ideas

    Ingår i Competition, s. 131 - 146-, 2021.

  • Arora-Jonsson, Stefan; Brunsson, Nils; Hasse, Raimund; Lagerström, Katarina

    Competition unbundled: taking stock and looking forward

    Ingår i Competition., 2021.

  • Arora-Jonsson, Stefan; Brunsson, Nils; Hasse, Raimund; Lagerström, Katarina

    Competition: What it is and Why it Happens

    Oxford University Press, 2021.

  • Brunsson, Nils; Wedlin, Linda

    Constructing competition for status.

    Ingår i Competition. What it is and what it does., 2021.

  • Bomark, Niklas; Edlund, Peter; Arora-Jonsson, Stefan

    Convincing others that they are competing: the case of schools

    Ingår i Competition., 2021.

  • Vahlne, Jan-Erik; Johanson, Jan

    Coping with complexity by making trust an important dimension in governance and coordination

    Ingår i International Business Review, 2021.

    Open access
  • Brunsson, Karin

    De tar över

    Ingår i Axess, s. 54-57, 2021.

  • Chung, Hsi-Mei; Dahms, Sven; Kao, Pao T.

    Emerging Market Multinational Family Business Groups and the Use of Family Managers in Foreign Subsidiaries

    Ingår i MIR: Management International Review, 2021.

    Open access
  • Gorgijevski, Alexander N.

    Enter the Dragon: Toward a Micro-political View on Subsidiary Initiatives

    Open access
  • Crawford, Jason; Nilsson, Fredrik

    Enterprise Risk Management In Sweden

    Ingår i Enterprise Risk Management in Europe, s. 211-226, 2021.

  • Brunsson, Karin

    Ett kort besök i Sunne

    Ingår i Rättssäkerheten och solidariteten - vad hände?, s. 217-232-, 2021.

  • Poblete, Leon; Bengtson, Anna

    Friends or strangers?: Attempts at reactivating buyer-supplier relationships

    Ingår i Journal of business & industrial marketing, s. 177-190, 2021.

    Open access
  • Edlund, Peter; Lövgren, Daniel; Thorén, Claes

    Från ideal till golv: Marknadsliknande reformer i mötet med dagens äldreomsorg


    Open access
  • Blomkvist, Katarina; Kappen, Philip; Tell, Fredrik; Nilsson, Fredrik et al.

    Globalization Strategies: Strategic Adaptations and Pathways Ahead for Swedish Multinational Corporations


    Open access
  • Su, Cong; Francesco, Ciabuschi; Kong, Lingshuang

    Headquarters parenting advantage in Chinese MNEs: The moderating role of top managers’ political and International experience

    Ingår i International Business Review, 2021.

  • Basu, Eve-Michelle

    Ideas of Entrepreneurial Activity Embodied in Depictions of New Venture Unit Spaces

    Ingår i Academy of Management Proceedings, 2021.

  • Pallas, Josef; Fredriksson, Magnus; Ivarsson, Sara

    Ideas of public relations in the light of Scandinavian institutionalism

    Ingår i Handbook of Public Relations, 2021.

  • Pauksztat, Birgit

    Informal relations and communication about work-related problems in two multilingual crews

    Ingår i Marine Policy, 2021.

  • Andersson, David E.

    Innovation and entrepreneurial networks in Europe

    Ingår i Business History, s. 171-172, 2021.

    Open access
  • Pallas, Josef; Grandien, Christina

    Intresseorganisationer och deras metaorganisationer

    Ingår i Organisationskommunikation, 2021.

  • Pauksztat, Birgit; Zhao, Minghua; Pekcan, Claire; Barnett, Mike

    Introduction to the special issue on “International merchant shipping in the 21st century: Social science perspectives”

    Ingår i Marine Policy, 2021.

    Open access
  • Andersson, David E.; Berger, Thor; Prawitz, Erik

    Making a Market: Infrastructure, Integration, and the Rise of Innovation

    Ingår i Review of Economics and Statistics, 2021.

  • Nilsson, Göran; Hartmann, Frank

    Management control systems

    McGraw-Hill, 2021.

  • Tyllström, Anna

    More Than a Revolving Door: Corporate lobbying and the socialization of institutional carriers

    Ingår i Organization Studies, s. 595-614, 2021.

  • Fontana, Enrico; Öberg, Christina; Poblete, León

    Nominated procurement and the indirect control of nominated sub-suppliers: Evidence from the Sri Lankan apparel supply chain

    Ingår i Journal of Business Research, s. 179-192, 2021.

    Open access