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Senaste publikationer

  • Brunsson, Karin

    Alla ska arbeta med värdegrunder - men vet någon varför?

    Ingår i Dagens Nyheter, 2022.

  • Pauksztat, Birgit; Andrei, Daniela M.; Grech, Michelle R.

    Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health of seafarers: A comparison using matched samples

    Ingår i Safety Science, 2022.

    Open access
  • Nilsson, Fredrik; Tell, Fredrik


    Ingår i Management and Information Technology after Digital Transformation, s. xxv-xxviii, 2022.

  • Leite, Emilene

    Innovation networks for social impact: An empirical study on multi-actor collaboration in projects for smart cities

    Ingår i Journal of Business Research, s. 325-337, 2022.

    Open access
  • Walther, Kevin

    Online communities as a source of innovation: A netnographic study on Crusader Kings 3

    Ingår i 55th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2022.

  • Deng, Ziliang; Zhu, Ziyan; Johanson, Martin; Hilmersson, Mikael

    Rapid internationalization and exit of exporters: The role of digital platforms

    Ingår i International Business Review, 2022.

  • Pauksztat, Birgit; Grech, Michelle R.; Kitada, Momoko

    The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on seafarers’ mental health and chronic fatigue: Beneficial effects of onboard peer support, external support and Internet access

    Ingår i Marine Policy, s. 104942-104942, 2022.

    Open access
  • Ahlström, Petter; Lindahl, Göran; Fellesson, Markus; Bjelke, Börje et al.

    Why space is not enough: Service innovation and service delivery in senior housing

    Ingår i Management and Information Technology after Digital Transformation, s. 72-80, 2022.

  • Bellini, Diego; Cubico, Serena; Favretto, Giuseppe; Noventa, Stefano A. et al.

    A metamodel for competence assessment Co.SMO competences software management for organizations

    Ingår i European Journal of Training and Development, s. 603-616, 2021.

  • Arora-Jonsson, Stefan; Brunsson, Nils; Hasse, Raimund

    A new understanding of competition

    Ingår i Competition: What It Is and Why It Happens, s. 1-26, 2021.

  • Alimadadi, Siavash; Davies, Andrew; Tell, Fredrik

    A palace fit for the future: Desirability in temporal work

    Ingår i Strategic Organization, 2021.

    Open access
  • Colson, Abigail R.; Morton, Alec; Årdal, Christine; Chalkidou, Kalipso et al.

    Antimicrobial Resistance: Is Health Technology Assessment Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem?

    Ingår i Value in Health, s. 1828-1834, 2021.

    Open access
  • Pallas, Josef; Raviola, Elena

    Becoming a symbol: The Gothenburg Book Fair and the alt-right debate

    Ingår i Managing Cultural Festivals between Tradition and Innovation., 2021.

  • Khalaim, Oleksandra; Tambovceva, Tatjana; Eiríksdóttir, Lovísa; Urenje, Shepherd

    Change Project Approach for Reorienting University Teaching Towards the Implementation of Sustainability Principles

    Ingår i Universities, Sustainability and Society, s. 253-273, 2021.

  • Beavan, Katie; Borgström, Benedikte; Helin, Jenny; Rhodes, Carl

    Changing Writing/writing for change

    Ingår i Gender, Work and Organization, s. 449-455, 2021.

  • Haq, Muhibul; Johanson, Martin; Davies, Julie; Dana, Leo-Paul et al.

    Compassionate Customer Service in Ethnic Minority Microbusinesses

    Ingår i Journal of Business Research, s. 279-290, 2021.

  • Brunsson, Karin; Rahnert, Katharina

    Competition and auditing: esteemed but incompatible ideas

    Ingår i Competition, s. 131 - 146-, 2021.

  • Arora-Jonsson, Stefan; Brunsson, Nils; Hasse, Raimund; Lagerström, Katarina

    Competition unbundled: taking stock and looking forward

    Ingår i Competition., 2021.

  • Arora-Jonsson, Stefan; Brunsson, Nils; Hasse, Raimund; Lagerström, Katarina

    Competition: What it is and Why it Happens

    Oxford University Press, 2021.

  • Forsgren, Mats; Holm, Ulf

    Complementing the Uppsala model?: A commentary on Trevino and Doh's paper "Internationalization of the firm: A discourse-based view"

    Ingår i Journal of International Business Studies, s. 1407-1416, 2021.

  • Brunsson, Nils; Wedlin, Linda

    Constructing competition for status: sports and higher education.

    Ingår i Competition. What it is and why it happens, 2021.

  • Forsgren, Mats; Holm, Ulf

    Controlling without owning – owning without controlling: A critical note on two extensions of internalization theory

    Ingår i Journal of International Business Studies, 2021.

  • Bomark, Niklas; Edlund, Peter; Arora-Jonsson, Stefan

    Convincing others that they are competing: the case of schools

    Ingår i Competition., 2021.

  • Lagerström, Katarina

    Cooperating while competing in multinational corporations,

    Ingår i Competition: What it is and Why it Happens, 2021.

  • Vahlne, Jan-Erik; Johanson, Jan

    Coping with complexity by making trust an important dimension in governance and coordination

    Ingår i International Business Review, 2021.

    Open access
  • Strand, Magnus

    Damages Liability as a Dual Opportunity to Promote Accountability

    Ingår i Legal Accountability in EU Markets for Financial Instruments, s. 276-302, 2021.

  • Brunsson, Karin

    De tar över

    Ingår i Axess, s. 54-57, 2021.

  • Pera, Susanna; Hellman, Therese; Molin, Fredrik; Svartengren, Magnus

    Development Work in Healthcare: What Supportive and Deterrent Factors Do Employees Working in a Hospital Department Experience in an Improved Work Environment?

    Ingår i International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2021.

    Open access
  • Yildiz, Harun Emre; Morgulis‐Yakushev, Sergey; Holm, Ulf; Eriksson, Mikael

    Directionality matters: Board interlocks and firm internationalization

    Ingår i Global Strategy Journal, 2021.

  • Chamberlain, Johanna

    Effektiva, proportionerliga, avskräckande? Sanktionsavgifter enligt dataskyddsförordningen i svensk praxis

    Ingår i Europarättslig tidskrift, s. 597-612, 2021.