Intervju Pao Kao

Pao Kao. Photo.Pao Kao grew up in Taiwan. He then moved to London in 1999 where he did his Master’s Degree in Media and Communications in University of Westminster. After returning from his studies, he worked in different management positions in Taiwan and then decided to study a second Master’s Degree in 2006;this time in International Business, at the University of Nottingham Business School’s newly opened campus in Ningbo, China. This experience made him interested in pursuing a PhD so he applied for a position and was accepted at the Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University. He defended his thesis in 2013, and left to teach at the University of Manitoba in Canada. He returned to Uppsala as a Post Doc Researcher funded by a Wallander Scholarship at the end of 2015.

What courses do you teach?

I teach Marketing Research at the Master’s level. I teach section on how to design a questionnaire and how do perform surveys. Previously, I have also taught case study method in the Master’s Level.

What is your motivation when you teach?

My biggest motivation is to see the students learn and achieve their potential. To see students understand and use their knowledge is inspiring.

What do you think makes you a good teacher?

Since I’ve lived and studied in different parts of the world and have worked within industry, I have experienced how different parts of the world works. I can then discuss differences and similarities between Sweden and other parts of the world with the students. This makes the subject more interesting and comprehensible for them.

What is the most fun part of teaching?

To see the students do well and see them achieve their learning goals. I see that the students want to learn and improve. It is really rewarding when the students are outgoing and show me their results. Teaching provides me the opportunity to reflect upon my works, and I enjoy being a teacher.

Pao’s advice for students

Have an open mind. Don’t just focus on your degree, be open and share your opinions with other students and during lectures, seminars, and after class. Being in Uppsala is more than just studies, this is your opportunity to learn and grow.

May 2017

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