Late application


The possibility to make a late application for single courses and for courses within the Master Programmes open on 15 July through

Note that a late application can only be made directly to, and not to the department.

If a course is not listed as open for late application, it will not open at all. Also remember that just because a course is open for late application, it does not automatically mean that you will be offered a spot.

The process of a late application

  1. Once you've made your application the Admissions Office at Uppsala University will handle your application and go through your merits. When the review is done you will be given a Reserve number.
  2. When you have received this Reserve number we at the Department can see if we can offer you a spot or not. If we can offer you a spot, the offer will be sent to you via e-mail. On our website we will publish if reserves can be admitted or not. The selection is based on when the application was made. It is therefore important that you do your late application as soon as possible.