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Our researchers are organised into several research groups and contribute mainly in the following research areas:

  • Business relationships in an international context
  • Firms’ relationships with non-business actors
  • Reactivating business relationships
  • Service and service innovation
  • Technological development and innovation processes in business networks
  • PhD projects
  • Postdoc projects


Our research

Research in marketing at the Departement of Business Studies has over the years focused on international business relationships and business networks in different contexts. Our long tradition of research on business relationships goes back to Jan Johanson’s thesis (1966) and his finding that relationships between suppliers and customers are long-term. This was the starting-point that resulted in the development of the fundamental theoretical ideas that lie as the basis for the now internationally well-established industrial marketing and purchasing perspective (IMP), as well as the business network approach.

International collaboration with researchers from prominent universities and Business Schools across the globe has always been an important component in the Department’s marketing research tradition. Inspired by the research tradition in Uppsala, current research in marketing continues the research on different aspects related to business relationships and business networks, such as innovation processes in business networks and effects of and opportunities in business restructuring. Service and consumer perspectives that are more recent additions to the field of research, also relate to relationships and networks, studying among other things value creation in service systems.