Exam dates

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden, teaching and examination at the department will be digital (online) during spring semester 2021. Exceptions can be made for teaching and examinations that require physical attendance on Campus. Information regarding this can be found on the course site in the Student Portal. 

Registration for the exam takes place as usual through Ladok no later than 12 days before the exam. Those registered for an exam will be contacted via their student email in case of any changes.

If you have any questions, please contact info@fek.uu.se

If a course has been discontinued or changed examination, the dates for exams can be found on the Discontinued courses site.

Date Time Course code Course name Registration opens
2021-10-22 08-12 2FE412 Management and Control 2021-08-30
2021-11-03 14-18 2FE872 Accounting Theory 2021-10-01
2021-11-27 08-12 2FE412 Management and Control, re-take 2021-08-30
2021-12-04 08-12 2FE872 Accounting Theory, re-take 2021-10-01
2021-12-17 08-12 2FE233 Organisational Behaviour 2021-11-04
2021-12-20 14-18 2FE873 Financial Statement Analysis 2021-11-04
2022-01-12 14-16 2FE861 Scientific Methods in Business Management 2021-11-04
2022-01-15 08-12 2FE233 Organisational Behaviour, re-take 2021-12-20
Last modified: 2021-09-13