Application within the Master's Programmes

Before each semester you as a student on one of our Master's Programmes are required to:

Should you miss any of these steps you might not be able to take the courses. This applies to all courses on all Master's Programmes.


Application codes spring 2020

The application period is 15 September to 15 October to a spring semester and 15 March to 15 April to an autumn semester. When applying you must log on your university account on or otherwise the courses will not show. Once logged-in you enter the application code for the course or course package found in the link below.

1st Notification of admission

When you received your first notification of admission it is important that you log in on or and accept your spot. If you do not accept before the deadline you will lose your spot on the courses.

2nd Notification of admission

After you have accepted your spot and received your second notification of admission it is time to register. You register through  and the period starts in conjunction with the second notification of admission and ends approximately one week before the start of the semester. It is important that your register in time or you will lose your spot on the courses. The exact dates will be available on


As a student on one of the Master's Programmes you are guaranteed a spot on the courses listed in the Programme Syllabus as long as you meet the eligibility requirements, apply, accept and register in time. Note that students on our two-year Master's Programmes are not guaranteed to go on an Exchange, do an Internship or a spot on individual courses. Keep this in mind when you apply for your third semester. More information in regards to Internship and Exchange studies can be found on the respective webpage or by contacting the Student Counsellors Office.