Third semester

During the application period, 15 March to 15 April, to your third semester you can choose to apply for an internship at a company or take elective courses at Uppsala or another university.

You apply for courses through Important to keep in mind is that you must take 30 credits worth of courses and the courses must be given at an academic level. Furthermore the courses cannot overlap with the other courses you want to include in your upcoming degree. We recommend that you apply for more than 30 credits worth of courses since you are not guaranteed a place on them.

If you have followed the study plan for your Programme you can take any courses in any subject you are interested in. The choice of courses is entirely up to you and you can think of it as specialization or learning a new field. Do note that you still must fulfill the eligibility requirements. Should you be interested in discussing your options you are more than welcome to contact me on or simply drop-by during our office hours.

If you have not followed the study plan you need to contact the Student Councellor for guidance regarding what courses you can apply to for your third semester, and to make sure you fullfill the requirements for the Master Thesis and for a Degree.

Optional courses at Uppsala University

Last modified: 2021-03-15