Admission of reserves

If we can offer reserves on the waiting list a spot they will be contacted via e-mail. The address used is the one stated on The e-mail is sent out two days after the last day to register and if offered a place you have two days to reply and claim that spot. You reply to the Student Counsellor.

If you are admitted with condition you must show that you fulfill the eligibility of the Programme before you can claim your spot. This is done through two steps:

  1. Registration is done through e-mail to before the last day to register, which is stated in the e-mail you received informing you that you have been offered a spot.
  2. Showing your eligibility is done by sending a document showing that you fulfill the condition that has been linked to your admission. This condition could be SV (tuition payment), VI or AV (you needed to pass specific courses or being awarded you degree). Should you have any questions regarding your admission please contact the Student Counsellor.

If we can admitt students from the waiting list or not is based upon numerous factors, e.g. the percentage of admitted applicants that choose to register in the different selection groups and the number of applicants that declined their place in the first notification of selection.