Messy deskThe career prospects for graduates with a degree in Business Studies are deemed good. Depending on what Programme you've studied on, your career paths will differ. We have gathered information regarding what kind of jobs that are suitable, after finishing a Master's Degree from one of our specialisation tracks.

If you are interest in the experiences of our former students as they entered the job market you can read our Master alumni survey

International Business

Internationalisation plays a critical role in modern business, and the International Business specialisation prepares you for a wide variety of roles. You can choose to work for an organisation, become an entrepreneur, or continue your academic career. You will get the skills you need to lead as a manager or business analyst both in Sweden and abroad.


Studies on the Marketing specialisation will provide you with the skills to analyse and manage current industry challenges. You might choose to work as a manager, marketer or business analyst for an organisation, become an entrepreneur or continue your academic career.


The Organisation specialisation prepares you for a wide variety of career paths - whether you choose a position within a private or public organisation, start your own business or continue on to an academic career. Possible roles include consultant, researcher, intelligence analyst and information specialist in public relations or communications.

Financial Accounting

After studying the Financial Accounting specialisation, you will be prepared for work in the fields of accounting and auditing in the private or the public sector, both in Sweden and internationally. You can also choose to continue your career as an entrepreneur or within the academia.

Financial Management

The Financial Management specialisation prepares you for a variety of roles in the fields of banking and finance, including work with investments, business valuation, financial analysis and more. You may choose to work in the private or public sector of the international job market, become an entrepreneur or continue your career in academia.

Management Control

Knowledge of the link between management control and organisational development is important to create business development. The Management Control specialisation prepares you for a variety of roles in the field of organisational development - including controller, CFO and consultant. You may choose to work in the private or public sector of the international job market or become an entrepreneur. The programme also lays a good foundation for further research studies.


The business savvy and entrepreneurial skills you will obtain on the Entrepeneursihp Programme, will give you a unique profile and edge in whatever you decide to do in the future. You may choose the path of a company founder to develop and grow your own firm, or work for the development of already established companies or organisations. You will recieve entrepreneurial talent and skills to improve ongoing operations or start your own business.

Sustainable Management

With a Master's degree in Sustainable Management, you will be prepared to launch a successful career in the private or public sector, and in a local or international context. You may choose to help ensure a firm's accountability by leading strategy development, or work as an analyst of the social and environmental effects of business. Previous students work with sustainability issues in private organisations (such as Adidas and IKEA), in non-profit organisations (Alberta Ecotrust Foundation, Atmosfair), consultancy (SAP in South Africa) and in support agencies (chamber of commerce in India), to name a few places.

Applying for a job

  • You can receive help and advice from the University Student Counsellors Office in regards to writing your CV, applying for a position, and preparation before an interview.
  • Uppsala University has a Career Gate aimed at helping students with advice regarding part- and fulltime jobs as well as internships. 
  • The student union, Uppsalaekonomerna, offers a Career service where you can find available positions.
  • At the Employment Service Agency “Arbetsförmedlingen” you can find available positions as well as advice regarding how to apply for a job.