Diploma Ceremony

The Diploma Ceremony is arranged every autumn to celebrate the graduating students of the Faculty of Social Sciences who have received their degrees. 

Due to covid-19 the Diploma ceremony 2020 has been cancelled

Even if the ceremony is cancelled you can get a diploma sent home. 

Rolled up diploma wrapped in a red ribbon. Illutration.To be able to get the diploma, you must have your graduation certificate (examensbevis) issued by the deadline for registration. Please note that the Graduation Office has a long turnaround time, ranging up to three months. We advice you to apply for the certificate as soon as possible. If you do not have your degree issued on time, you are welcome to attend the next ceremony.

Registration for a diploma sent by mail

If you want a diploma sent home, please register before 5 October, 2020.

The ceremony was scheduled to be held 24 October and the diplomas will be sent around that time.