Students with disabilities

Uppsala University offers support for students with disabilities.This can include support for reading and writing difficulties/dyslexia, mental disorders, neuropsychiatric disorders, hearing impairment, visual impairment, physical disabilities or chronic illnesses. The type of support you will receive is directly related to your education and according to your needs. Exampels of the support you can get is note-taking support, audio books and braile, language support, sign language interpretation and mentors. Regarding written examination you can be offered an extended writing time and a spot at the Examination centre for students with special needs at Klostergatan 3. The center offeres 13 separate rooms and two smaller rooms with room for 38 students.

If you have a temporary injury or illness, you are not covered by this support. 

If you have a readling disability you can contact the language workshop.

To receive support you need to provide evidence of your disability.

How to get support

  1. Contact the Coordinators for students with disabilities at Uppsala University in order to get a certificate of your disablity.
  2. Contact us at the Department as soon as you've spoken to the central coordinator in order to get the support you need. Book an appointment with our coordinator

Important to think about

  • If you need to write your exam in a at Klostergatan 3, contact us, via e-mail at, not later than 12 days prior to the exam. You have to contact us every time you want to write an exam at Klosergatan. State in your e-mail what kind of adjustments you need.
  • The library needs six weeks to prepare an audio book. You need to contact the library at Ekonomikum (018-471 1460) as soon as possible with your current litterature list.

Make sure to watch the film Uppsala University made about studying with disabilities.